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[cz_service_box type=”vertical” title=”Experienced” style=”style11″ image=”86″ size=”” id=”cz_75656″ sk_image=”width:266px;”]Our main market is in the United States and Europe, our products are very popular.[/cz_service_box]
[cz_service_box type=”vertical” title=”Quality” style=”style11″ image=”89″ size=”” id=”cz_32331″ sk_image=”width:266px;”]We attach great importance to product quality. We have passed ISO9001 certification and FDA.[/cz_service_box]
[cz_service_box type=”vertical” title=”Product” style=”style11″ image=”91″ size=”” id=”cz_75657″ sk_image=”width:266px;”]plastic drinking cups, plastic airline cups, color plastic cup and bowl used in restaurant, hotel and party.[/cz_service_box]
[cz_service_box type=”vertical” title=”KaiJia” style=”style11″ image=”93″ size=”” id=”cz_51550″ sk_image=”width:266px;”]We are a professional manufacturer and supplier which own the exportation license and has been doing the business for nearly 8 years.[/cz_service_box]
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Zhejiang Kaijia Plastics Co.,ltd.

Zhejiang Kaijia Plastics Co.,ltd. was located in Wuyi City, Zhejiang Province, With over 10 years of production and export experience, we are one of China’ s largest manufacturers specializing in plastic drinking cups, airlines cups, colored cups, printed cups and bowls.
With total factory space of 6,000 square meters, 8 fully cup automated production lines and more than 100 staff members. Eighty percent cause and effect essay topics critical analysis of our sales is from international sale. Our main markets are West Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the USA.[/cz_title][cz_gap height=”30px”][cz_button title=”View More” id=”cz_104930″ link=”url:%2Fabout-2%2F|||”]